We make the technical beautiful, the complex simple and the tedious clever.


Custom Software Design, Development & DevOps Optimized.

Nascent is a United States based custom Software Design, Development and DevOps company, strategically positioned to help our SMB and enterprise clients increase margins and maximize efficiencies by weaving technology, science, and design in ways that make the technical beautiful, the complex simple, and the tedious clever.

Nascent’s team is a multi-disciplinary team of technologists, scientists, and designers working together to create solutions to maximize an array of modern business opportunities. We focus on delivering value in the form of delighted users, increased revenue, saved time, and optimized productivity.


From deep technical competencies to design and science expertise, we excel at rapidly deploying teams to achieve the objectives of our clients, and overcoming the challenges they face in a world of accelerating change.


“Our goal at Nascent is to make the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of technology as painless as possible for our clients…”

There is no ONE way to approach a project. Every challenge and opportunity has its own unique characteristics. Identifying and understanding the nuance of these characteristics allows you to approach each situation in a holistic and impactful way.

At Nascent we are experts at assessing the complexity or simplicity of a situation. We assemble teams who execute efficiently, thus affording our clients the assurance that we are managing their capital resources and scope in a way that maximizes the delivery of value.

Technology is expensive and can be time consuming. Our mission is to ease the burden associated with technology acquisition, deployment and maintenance for our clients.

— Derek Strickland


Derek Strickland is the Founder, CEO & CTO at Nascent. Derek works with clients to help them realize value from their vision. Derek has over two decades of experience building commercial Enterprise, SaaS, and Systems products in numerous problem domains including Search, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Accounting, CRM, Fundraising,..

How We Work

With over six decades of experience, Nascent’s ability to approach a wide range of project challenges and opportunities is expansive. From mobile application to enterprise solutions, Nascent’s approach to work is its secret sauce. Whether it’s a staff augmentation or new project development, Nascent’s team is strategically designed to deliver value across the totality of the project lifecycle.


“It all starts in design. We are a design-focused, innovation-driven team…”

When bringing on new clients or aligning with new partners, it’s not just about “selling Nascent”. It’s about making sure that our clients and partners are equipped with the right talent and resources so that their needs and desires are met with sound design thinking and a clear sense of innovation strategy.

We are super passionate about helping our clients increase margins and maximize efficiencies. We do this by weaving technology, science and design in ways that make the technical beautiful, the complex simple, and the tedious clever.

— Vincent Hunt


Vincent Hunt is the Executive Director of Client Acquisition and Strategic Partnerships at Nascent. A seasoned design and innovation professional with over two decades of experience building and leading multi-disciplinary teams, Hunt is uniquely positioned within Nascent to ensure clients and partners are aligned with the best design and innovation resources available and that their projects are approached in a design-focused, innovation-driven way.